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A lot of building is going on behind this curtain. Please check back at the end of August, when we plan to unveil GolfersTravels!

Who knew when I began collecting all my scorecards in a shoebox that one day they would form the building blocks of this web site? Certainly not me. Particularly because the words “web site” back then if they meant anything, meant “place where spiders congregate.”

The contents of that shoebox were in every way less valuable than my baseball card collection, but somehow they all survived through the years. From these documents of occasional glory and occasional laughter (a 26 on the 16th at Lido? Good thing there was nobody behind me!) emerges this site.

Each course I’ve ever played is represented here, with at the very least an informative little profile, and at its most ambitious, lengthy hole-by-hole examinations of layouts, punctuated by my photography.

First and foremost, the reports are about a lifelong golfer’s love of the game. Running a close second is a keen examination of the golf environment surrounding you when you step up to the first tee – and all those beyond.

And if you’re committing a day to golf – particularly if in an unfamiliar location – it might be helpful to learn about the surrounding area before you set out. This is why I’ve included a section entitled “Beyond the White Stakes” with each profile. Consider it a mini-travel guide to better acquaint you with restaurants, ice cream shops, breweries, cultural sites, and even spots to take a refreshing post-round dip, all in comfortable proximity to the course.

Lastly, your participation on the site is very welcome. For each course, there’s a section to both rate the layout and also to comment on it. But please try to bear in mind the focus of GolfersTravels. The quality of the layout is the emphasis. Not the playing conditions, length of waits, or welcome you receive in the pro shop. While these are all obviously critical components of your golf adventure, more often than not addressing these aspects of a day on the links results in a lot of spleen-venting and hyperbole. Not the golf-celebrating atmosphere I’m trying to create here.

On the other hand, please feel free to take to task that tree in the middle of the 4th fairway, the dogleg that isn’t properly protected from the backside, or the green where your first putt is either in the hole or rolling back on to the fairway. These are the kinds of critiques that make for interesting conversation. Conversations you’re completely at liberty to initiate.

Hope to see you out there sometime. And if I do – I promise to pick up some time before 26!

Robert Ballot


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